Our Approach

Mature couple speaking with advisor

A Planning First Approach

Our clients come to us after working with our planning colleagues at TPC Financial. This makes sure that you have a holistic financial plan prepared that will address a broad range of planning topics, ensuring that all areas of your financial situation are aligned with your goals.

Investment Specific Planning

In our clients’ larger financial plan, TPC Financial always incorporates an investment section that is developed by the team at TPC Wealth. This provides a broad explanation of our investing approach and how this applies to specific client situations. The high-level financial plan developed by TPC Financial helps clarify your overall financial goals. This allows us to use a customized approach for your investments that is linked back to your goals and keep you moving efficiently in the right direction.

Meeting Our Investment Team

Once TPC Financial has presented you with your complete financial plan, and you’re interested in working with TPC Wealth, our partners will help arrange a meeting. In the meeting you can expect to speak with a TPC Wealth investment advisor who will explain TPC Wealth’s investment approach in greater detail, seek to understand your investment needs and preferences, and discuss how TPC Wealth will would work with you to achieve your investment goals.  Your representative from TPC Financial will also participate in these discussions to ensure your financial and investment plans work in tandem with each other.

Our Investment Approach

Opening Your Account

After our initial meeting, we help you start the process of opening your accounts. We want to make sure this process is as seamless as possible, so we work with your planner at TPC Financial to get as much of your information as we can, so you aren’t having to double up on giving us that information. Our process for account signing and document submission uses quick and secure electronic signing to complete applications helping to take the hassle out of getting set up.

As part of opening your accounts you will agree on an investment policy statement with your TPC Wealth advisor. This will guide how we manage your accounts, the overall strategy for your investments, and the level of communication you have with your advisor.

Discretionary Investment Firm

TPC Wealth is a fully discretionary investment firm. This means that we can dynamically manage your investments without having to confirm every single trade that’s made. Because of this, we can be flexible and tailor the level of communication you have with your advisor, so it suits your preferences. Nevertheless each client can choose the level of communication or pre-notification they prefer.

Our Fees

We work with a fully transparent fee structure. This means your fees will all be disclosed up front by TPC Financial even before you decide to meet with our investment team. When you work with TPC Wealth, your fees for financial planning and investment services are integrated so you only ever pay one fee.

We have two different fee models depending on your life stage and what assets need to be managed. Either you’ll pay a tiered fee to TPC Wealth Management based on your assets under management, or your investment fees will be covered by TPC Financial as part of your monthly fee for service. If you’re paying TPC Wealth Management an assets under management fee, then this would include financial planning services with TPC Financial so you only pay one fee.

Only Looking for Investment Services?

In some rare cases we have clients that only wish to have their investments managed without the benefits of financial planning. For these clients we can discuss alternate fee arrangements that do not include planning services. However, this is generally the exception and not the rule as our clients like our holistic financial planning and investment approach.