Our Investment Philosophy

We view investment management as a single, yet critically important component in the creation and execution of a comprehensive financial plan. The way that we incorporate investments into your broader financial picture is highly dependent on your specific goals, circumstances, sensitivity to debt, and overall values.

TPC Wealth’s investment approach is centered on long-term sustainable growth that helps minimize volatility and generates consistent income.

Simply put, we invest in businesses and through that ownership we share in their profits. Our belief in the value of time and the effects of compounding, means that we don’t trade stocks based on price, don’t follow speculative trends, and don’t succumb to the “fear of missing out”. The income that our portfolios generate will add to your overall return when the markets move upwards and helps protect your capital during market corrections.

Passive Income

TPC Wealth is here to help you generate passive income from your core holdings that will support your lifestyle once you retire. As a result, our core strategy is based on holding dividend paying companies that will generate a consistent source of income through market fluctuations. By supporting your retirement lifestyle with dividends, we can reduce or eliminate the need to sell assets, thereby avoiding being forced into selling an asset when the price is potentially depressed or the market is in a downturn.

Tax Efficiency

When building your portfolio, we will always seek to locate assets in your accounts in the most tax efficient way. By remaining conscious of tax implications, we can maximize after tax returns without having to take any additional investment risk.

Incorporated individuals have a number of tax advantages available. We keep these in mind when making investment decisions and coordinate with your financial planner so that you can efficiently access funds from your corporation in retirement or as it is needed to support your goals

Considering Risk Tolerance

Our core strategy considers risk tolerance based on two key factors, a client’s ability to take risk and willingness to take risk. We assess a client’s ability to take risk using their time horizon, net worth, earning potential, and lifestyle goals. We assess willingness through conversations with the client and the Know Your Client (KYC) information that we collect when opening accounts. Based on the lower risk of these two factors we adjust portfolios accordingly with the potential addition of either a growth component or risk averse component.

Growth components focus on companies that have increased opportunities to grow and in doing so reward their shareholders with an increased share value. These companies have greater uncertainty and produce less passive income which makes them best suited for clients in the earlier stages of their careers, or clients that want to take a more aggressive approach.

The risk averse component focuses on fixed income assets including interest bearing GICs, bonds & money market funds which are better suited to clients that want a safer approach or are close to retirement.

A Diversified Investment Strategy

We’re here to make sure that your investments will always be structured to align with your situation and ensure you are appropriately diversified. For example, if you own several rental properties we’ll make sure to take this into account and not recommend additional residential real estate assets to keep your investments diverse.

Client Values & Preferences

We understand that you may have strong feelings, either positive and negative, about various industries or have personal beliefs that guide your investments. We can take these into account and recommend assets that align with your values and beliefs. Whether you’re passionate about green investing or halal investing, our team is here to support you and build an investment portfolio based around your values.

An Independent Investment Firm

TPC is an independent investment firm, which means we are not limited to only holding certain mutual funds or otherwise incentivized to sell you a particular investment. We’re here to advise you on what makes the most sense for your particular situation and what will help you meet your needs and goals. Our planning first approach also means that if it makes sense for you to withdraw funds to do something like purchase a rental property or pay down debt, this is the approach we will support.