Our Story

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Providing Value for Our Clients

The beginnings of TPC Wealth are rooted in the needs of TPC Financial clients. Our clients showed a desire to have their investments managed in coordination with their financial planning, so in the 2000s TPC Financial started to brainstorm how to provide these services in a cost-effective way. The solution was to have an investment advisor who worked under the banner of a large firm but dedicated to only serving clients of TPC Financial, allowing a client’s financial planning and investment needs to be coordinated by one team. We created a joint fee, so clients would only ever pay one fee for both services.

This developed over the years as more of our clients discovered the benefits of having comprehensive financial planning combined with their investment management. As the investment management team grew, we looked for a way to provide the best service to clients and remove limitations of operating within the bounds of a larger investment management firm. From there we created TPC Wealth to allow our team to best serve our clients in a personal and responsive way, providing the utmost value.


Today we operate as an independent investment management firm that provides wealth management services to clients who work with TPC Financial. Like TPC Financial, our focus is primarily on serving healthcare professionals through all stages of their careers and retirement with our investment management services that maximize the benefits of incorporation.

We are still closely integrated with TPC Financial which ensures our clients can have all their financial needs coordinated in a seamless experience that addresses wealth management, tax planning, risk management and much more. TPC Wealth is firmly rooted in providing expertise to best serve our clients’ investment needs.